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Help Topic: How to include images in your post.

Several options for including an image in your post.
First of all the image must be ON THE INTERNET. meaning it most be uploaded to a server.
If you have access to a server you can upload the image using a file transfer program (FTP) or use "in-browser" transfer method (HTTP). links to FREE online image hosting service provided below.

Once uploaded you need to retrieve the address (URL = uniform resource locator) of that image file. Which generally looks like this

Once you have copied that URL come back to your post and paste it, this way readers will be able to see the image after clicking on that link.
If you want to display the image directly in your post surround the link with the appropriate IMG tags

but if it is a large image, either large in pixel size (bigger then 400x400) or large in kilobytes size (anything over 200kb) better to post just the link.
Or if you want to, post a linked thumbnail. Most of the image hosts provide the link and thumbnail.
Then your post will include something like this:

Nearly all the good online image hosts will provide the easy to entire "linked thumbnail" code easy to copy and paste.

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